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Two articles by Chris Adriaansz on algorithms and administrative decision-making

Posted on 5 June 2020 by Chris Adriaansz

Recently, Chris Adriaansz published two articles on the use of advanced algorithms by the government. The use of advanced algorithms in administrative decision-making has increasingly been subject of debate. The opacity of advanced algorithms can make it more difficult to scrutinize administrative decisions. Thus, the use of advanced algorithms may have a negative effect on citizens, but also on judges and the governing agency itself.

For this reason, Chris focuses on the legitimacy of decisions that are made using advanced algorithms. Additionally, Chris examines possible safeguards for this ‘algorithmic decision-making’. The two articles (which are only available in Dutch) are partly based on his thesis which has been awarded two thesis prizes. The first contribution, on transparency, has been published in the journal ‘Computerrecht’. The second contribution, on the principle of due diligence and the principle of justification, has been published in the Dutch journal for administrative law.

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Chris Adriaansz


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Chris Adriaansz is an associate at the Gaming & gambling Practice Group of Kalff Katz & Franssen.

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