Parliamentary questions on the future application of the reliability test conducted by the Gambling Authority as part of the remote licence application

Posted on 21 August 2019 by Kester Mekenkamp

On 20 August 2019, MP Kuiken (Labour Party) posed multiple questions to the Minister for Legal Protection, Sander Dekker, on the illegal offer of remote games of chance aimed at Dutch consumers. Kuiken posed these questions further to a news article regarding the €470,000 administrative sanction which the Gambling Authority imposed on an operator of remote games of chance.

The MP’s questions to the Minister for Legal Protection included the following:

Do you stand by the following statement you made in your letter to the Dutch Senate dated 8 February 2019, specifically: “I want to deter illegal operators who continue to actively target the Dutch market and recruit players here”?  If so, how do you intend to deter such activities? If not, why not?

Do you concur with the opinion that, in light of the illegal offer of remote games of chance targeted at the Dutch market and your letter to Parliament referred to in the previous question, there is reason to doubt the reliability of the aforementioned operators of remoted games of chance? If not, why not?

When does the cooling-off period – the uninterrupted period prior to the licence application during which the applicant for a remote gambling licence must demonstrate good conduct – commence?

How long before the date of application must an applicant at least show good conduct in order to be eligible for a remote gambling licence?”

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